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Die Gorillas

Die Gorillas are Berlin’s biggest improv theatre. With four weekly shows in Berlin, touring, and their workshops, they have captivated their audiences since 1997. They present improv as a modern, interactive and up-to-the-minute theatre that draws its fascination from the immediacy of its emergence.

» www.die-gorillas.de

Artistic administration office

Combats Absurdes

The French company Combats Absurdes is known for their calm, often absurd, and always very physical approach to telling stories while connecting their comedy with sincerity. Their theatrical improvisation is touching and takes the time to discover space, audience, characters and scenes.

» www.combatsabsurdes.com

Tour-Management Europe

CRUMBS: Lee White

Their profound humour, the authenticity of their stories, and the complete confidence in each other has made CRUMBS the darlings of the international improv scene. Their sensitive, absurd and always touching stories make you laugh and think. Recently, CRUMBS’ Lee White has moved to Berlin and is touring solo through Europe with workshops and other projects.

» www.crumbs-in-europe.com

Artist Management

Inbal Lori

Tel Aviv’s Inbal Lori has established herself as an energetic, powerful, yet sensitive improv performer in Germany and Europe. In her solo “Fragments of Life,” she fascinates audiences with her ability to transform. In her workshops she offers intensive training for colleagues and beginners.

Artist Management

Billa Christe

Her slogan „Improtainment“ puts it in a nutshell: Billa Christe unites Improvisation and Entertainment like no other. The founding member of Berlin's improvisational theatre „Die Gorillas“ has made a name for herself as a director, performer, coach and host/mc, convincing both playfully on stage as well as inspirational and pathbreaking offstage.


» Billa Christe

Artist management

IMPRO Festival Berlin

IMPRO is one of the biggest and most important festivals for improvisational theatre in the world. Every year in March, Die Gorillas invite twenty-five artists from all over the world to celebrate intercultural encounters and exchange, to artistically develop themselves and the genre, and to entertain Berlin audiences in several of the city’s venues.

» www.improfestival.de


Should I stay or should I go?

“Should I stay or should I go?” was a two-year EU cooperation project focusing on the theme of staying and leaving in and between European countries that — next to theatre performances and workshops — finds its peak in the production of a feature film. It is realized by five European theatres in Austria, France, Germany, Slovenia and Sweden.

» www.stay-or-go.eu

Project management

Impro Embassy

Since October 2014, the Ratibor Theater presents their English language event series “Impro Embassy.” On select Thursdays, ensembles from Berlin and all over the world show top-notch improv theatre for the growing international community, tourists and improv lovers.

» www.ratibortheater.de


Marie Wellmann

My work is characterized by my passion for what I do, strong communication, timeliness, reliability, and close relationships with my artists. I believe that you can deliver first-class work only if you’re in it with your heart. I have been successfully working as a manager in culture for years, especially for improvisational theatre.
My main role is to create and sustain structures that allow my artists to let their creativity run free. I enthusiastically accompany them from project development to implementation and provide smooth processes both on and off stage. My knowledge of the international improv theatre scene is a guarantee for outstanding productions.

Since founding Culturalis kulturmanagement in 2008, I have positioned myself as the market leader in cultural management for improvised theatre in Europe. I book European tours for the international stars of the scene, covering all aspects of the tour, including requesting, contracting, travel planning and accounting. Additionally, for years Berlin’s biggest improv ensemble, Die Gorillas, has trusted me with their day-to-day business, including work in public relations, administration, distribution, advertising planning and implementation, as well as artist and venue support. I am responsible for conceptualizing,

programming and organizing two big improv festivals in Berlin and travel extensively to develop connections with other artists, organizations and projects. For all my tasks I make use of a large collection of global contacts that continuously come up with new projects. This internationality defines my day-to-day work and is at the core of my business philosophy.

I believe that improvisational theatre, unlike other forms of theatre, provides the possibility for intercultural exchange, understanding and true promotion of culture — for audiences and artists alike. Within minutes, spontaneous interaction allows performers that have just met to encounter and exchange on stage. This creates unique experiences that bring people closer to each other – beyond boundaries of country and language. The tools that are used on stage are applicable to other scenarios of intercultural encounter and will hopefully be used more and more in the future.

Barbara Wallace

For PR tasks I trust my office partner Barbara Wallace, who specializes in PR for culture and is working with me since 2013 on several projects.


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